Cyberpunk 2077: 0/10

December 9, 2020-Games JournalismReviews

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Cyberpunk 2077 has boring gameplay, a narrow selection of guns, combat with no depth, and is overall a huge SNOOZE FEST.


gamer fell asleep while playing cyberpunk. SAD


Extremely dumb, straightforward, and stereotypical. The twists and turns of the plot were predictable and dull for the full ~10 hour length of the main story.

gamer has decided to pick up a book instead of playing the game because he was angery at the bad quality


I hate all of the characters, especially the main character. Keanu Reaves was a terrible waste of the games budget, and reminded me of bad times playing Fortnite and watching John Wick in the theater.

screen capture of Keanu Reaves in game


My computer could barely even run the game, yet it looked worse than minecraft in terms of visual fidelity. All that time in development and CD Projekt Red could not even optimize their game.

Man holds painted mess

my GPU struggling to paint a single frame of cyberpunk, which only ends up looking like a muddy mess of dystopian future

Overall Score: 0/10

We would not recommend this game, and we hate it, we hate gaming, and video games, and Keanu Reaves, and the future. If you disagree with this article, try reading this one instead.

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