Darkest Dungeon II Is The Game Ever

October 30, 2021-Games JournalismReviews

Featuring an impressive mechanics arsenal involving thinking, clicking the mouse, and pressing keys, Darkest Dungeon II proves itself as a game.

Since first releasing Darkest Dungeon in 2016, Red Hook Studios has been a continuously community driven and involved developer. Taking feedback, promoting mods, and encouraging creativity; they certainly love what their fans do. With their newest release, a sequel to their debut game, Red Hook continues its lovecraftian world as yet another game.

Darkest Dungeon II features more gameplay, much like the first game. Players will press keys, and click characters and icons on their screen. When big red numbers show up, the player becomes stressed out, but when big green numbers show up, the player feels momentary relief. This cycle kept me entertained throughout my 6 hour gaming binge, where I watched someone else do the button pressing and thought really hard about what I would do if I was in their seat typing on their keyboard.

Ominous Screenshot

Aside from its gameplay, Darkest Dungeon II features an evolution in artstyle and presentation. The characters and objects in the world are much more round and smooth than the last game. I thought that was cool.

Ultimately, I had a time playing Darkest Dungeon II. I certainly hope the full release will be as much of a game as it is currently, and wish the team at Red Hook Studios great luck in their ongoing development. I rate the game a 1/1.

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