5G causes gamers

May 3, 2020-Games Journalism

As science continues to march forward, more and more concerns arise as people continue asking important questions, such as "Does 5G cause cancer?", "Will 5G cause my wife and kids to love me again?", and "Has science finally gone too far?".

Today there's an even more pressing concern brought to light by our recent investigations into technology.

5G tower broadcasting edgy statements

As 5G increases wireless speeds across the globe, a very concerning change that could occur is that a larger number of people may start to play video games on their phones. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, we've received multiple reports of seemingly well adjusted people secretly playing video games in public.

Yes, you CAN stack Draw 2 and Draw 4 cards in UNO! Mobile.

Pinning this tweet because we get asked so often šŸ˜¤

ā€” UNO! Mobile (@UNOMobileGame) April 8, 2020

A larger amount of mobile bandwidth will allow more people to play multiplayer video games from their phones, which is something 5G promises to inflict upon this already scorched earth.

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