Doc was banned because he isn't a real doctor.

August 4, 2020-Games JournalismStreamer Drama

Many users of the website "Twitch TV" have been wondering why popular streamer Doctor Disrespect was banned from the platform, but there's finally been a breakthrough. On 08/03/2020, Twitch.TV accidentally DM'd me the reason for docs suspension.

An anonymous source leaking information to our respected games journalism team over the only reliable source of communication, discord DMs, which are impossible to fake or alter.

After a long silence from twitch, due to their contractual agreement that they signed with Doc when he became a partner that prevented them from stating why he was banned, they finally accidentally leaked the reason for his suspension, and it was shocking.

It was also shocking at how well Doc's marketing team was able to entice his audience into talking about the situation on social media by stating that twitch never told him why he was banned.

Now that this breaking news has been unveiled, nothing will change. You're welcome.

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