Smug streamer ratio'd on twitter

November 24, 2021-Games JournalismMoonmoonStreamer Drama

Recently pro streamer MOONMOON (_no w) has been making negative comments about the terrible show Arcane, and he decided to distract twitter users from his loss in a video game, by equating the epic fail he had on stream, to the show.

Where is the justice?

The indie film studio Riot Games does not deserve this comparison, and moonmoon should be ashamed of his actions. Thankfully we exist.

This will make moon reflect on his actions of making fun of Riot Games for including the up and coming indie band "Imagine Dragons" in their show.

About Arcane

Arcane is a touching show about a neurodivergent teenager who performs self defense bombing on her family at a young age, and suffers through life while being misunderstood by society, while still being just glamorous enough for young adults on the internet to lovingly post her non stop despite her terrorist activities. 😍

Arcane is a masterpiece, unlike the stinky film "joker (2019)" which was made for gamers.

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