60hz+ gaming monitors are useless

April 18, 2020-Games JournalismScience

Anyways, there has been a lot of buzz around 120hz monitors, 240hz monitors, and even (can you believe this?) 360hz monitors. These are very silly, and I will explain why using facts and science.

1. Movies run at 24hz

Back in the day when movies were invented, they actually did tests to see how fast the human eye could see, and it came out to roughly 24 images per second.

This standard was used for decades after it was implemented, and the entire movie industry sees no reason to switch now, so how could the infantile gaming industry be right about the subject? It can't.

I had an impromptu shoot this morning. It was with the composure of a cool song written for a family that just had their son killed in a school shooting. She was very gracious. I have pictures of her too, but I don’t think it would be right to share them. This is a shot I took between takes in the studio, which is why I call this shot production company.

2. Nintendo switch runs at 30 FPS

Just like how rollback netcode is dumb and bad, Nintendos switch console won't even run past 30fps, further proving my point.

Nintendo is one of the perfect game companies which all others should aspire to. And frankly, technology has already gotten as far as it needs to. The continued development of GPU and CPU technology is downright wasteful.

"Rollback is bad because it's like admitting you were wrong on a coding level, it's not worth the reduced latency and more consistent experience. It's not worth the hit to our pride."

3. Bl**d people are further disadvantaged by 360hz monitors

As you know, higher refresh rate monitors offer an unfair competitive advantage in esports games like Among Us. Such advantages even further disadvantage the visually impaired.

Such abuse of technology is par for the course for gamers, but we're calling it out because we have a conscious, and brains.

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