This new bot is taking discord servers across the globe by storm

April 10, 2020-Games JournalismPoopScience

Discord servers are known to contain all types of degenerates, from malicious hackers to oversexualized furries, but all of them have been taken aback by a charming new bot.

Introducing, Poop Bot.

This bot was allegedly developed by scientists as a clever way to handle waste disposal. It takes excess poops from across the globe and rewards them randomly to users, by reacting with the iconic "poop emoji" (💩) to messages.

User "Vulps" getting "pooped on" for being a furry

Currently the poops are distributed at an approximate rate of 1 poop per 1000 messages, but as supply goes down the handouts will as well.

"We hope to get poops out to everyone, but there just aren't enough in the economy right now. Although it is nice that these gamers and furries exist to be pooped on, we're solving real issues here."
Poop Bot developer

We'll be excitedly monitoring the situation, after all, nothing brings gamers together quite like getting pooped on.

You can install this bot in your own server to help further the cause.

Stay clean out there.

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