After The Big Debacle We Have To Wonder; Is Guano A Racial Slur?

September 9, 2019-Games JournalismPoop

Ever since the demise of the infamous World of Warcraft guild, Guano Gang, we've been wondering the cause for it. Obviously, some "butt-hurt" players hired an elite team of hackers to take down the guild in response to dying at the hands of streamer and guild leader, Moonmoon.

But we can't help but notice that even after multiple messages between the streamer and the WoW Moderators, the guild name was never reinstated. So, with that said, is the offending word that caused the rename, guano, a racial slur?

Artist's Rendition Of Bat Guano

Let us start at the beginning. Guano, according to the dictionary, is the excrement of seabirds and bats. This excrement can then be used as fertilizer. The use of guano has been theorized to be done for thousands of years by a wide variety of peoples. The origin of the word itself is believed to be in the 17th century and is of from the Spanish language.

That being noted, there could be a racist connection between the word "guano" being of Spanish origin, but we don't believe Guano Gang was using it in this way. We have witnessed over the past weeks as Guano Gang members would take out members of a rival guild named Olympus and proceed to perform an elongated form of what "gamers" call 'teabagging' so that one may replicate defecating on the enemy's corpse. Obviously, the feces aspect of the name is not being used in a racial way, so maybe it is something else. Our next theory was a bit more drastic;


Image of a prime pleb moments after getting banned.

Guano has been used up until about World War I in the making of explosives. Maybe the Game Masters were a bit frightened at the prospect of a gang war between two guilds turning terroristic? After all, Moonmoon does have a history of gang affiliation from back during his rapper days when he went by the alias "Yung Dab". (As many prime plebs were quick to point out, moments before getting banned for saying some dumb shit)

Thankfully, it seems we will be safe from this outcome. While WoW does have bombs, the ingredients to make them do not contain guano.

Blasting Powder Is The Igniter In WoW's Bombs

At a loss, we did the one thing any games journalist would do; turn to Reddit for answers. After extensive research, we found it, the reason Blizzard's GMs forced Guano Gang to change their name. User, DiogenesKuon, states that the origin of the phrase 'bat shit crazy' began as 1950's military slang, popularized by people such as Hunter S. Thompson. This origin of the phrase is the key to the change. Game Masters saw this as possibly disrespectful towards people who have fought in real battles, such as users who've been timed out for typing "NaM" in twitch chat.

We've done it. We've solved the riddle to the case, but one question will go unanswered until the end of time; why didn't the World of Warcraft Game Masters just tell Moonmoon that his guild name was Vet-phobic? Let's be real, it's probably because they knew he banned NaM in his twitch chat.

NaM - 1969 (colorized)

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