Is BONEWORKS the Best Game Ever Made?

April 11, 2020-Games JournalismReviews

After playing through nearly every highly polished interactable movie ever churned out by AAA studios, every half-baked but quite delightful passion project by Indie Developers, and every erotic Candy Crush™ clone suggested through porn-site adverts, the team here at can conclusively say with the utmost certainty that BONEWORKS is the better game.

A worse game

2020 is a big year for video-gamers. As a journalism website composed entirely of avid "gamers," our offices are bustling with talk about upcoming releases of games from franchises new and old. However, nothing has caught the attention of our staff quite as much as the Steam page for a small, almost easily missed VR game entitled BONEWORKS.

The game features physics based game mechanics, a brand new concept to the world of gaming built from the ground up for the title. Furthermore, the high level of world interactivity leads to the game immersing the player; allowing them to push giant red buttons, and pull giant red levers in higher fidelity than ever before. To go even further beyond, the object interactivity allows for players to perform epic feats using their own two hands.

Wow. Incredible crowbar usage!

When interviewed about their experience with the game, Discord user Craiser (AKA, Japanese Salary Man) had this to say:

"peepee poopoo climb ladder durrrrrrrrrrr"

From what we could derive from this spur-of-the-moment, not entirely well-formed, and imprecise comment is that players enjoyed the climbing mechanics most from their time in the game.

And what a fantastic take! Other games have far worse climbing mechanics, such as the Uncharted franchise or Doom Eternal. If the climbing sections are players' favorite part of what we see as the best game ever made, logically we can assume that as these other games aren't known for their climbing sections, they are worse games in general.

Infallible logic chart

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