Kevin Hawk (Sodapoppin) quit GTA because you didn't prime sub to moonmoon

March 2, 2021-Games JournalismStreamer Drama

"I'm tired, I'm sick of this. Twitch chat keeps scrolling by, people keep posting, but the prime plebs are still there, typing away in moonmoon's chat."
- Sodapoppin

There has been a recent cry of outrage regarding Kevin Hawks recent PERMANENT vacation from GTA RP, but nobody is angry at the right people, prime plebs.

That's right. They have the ability to hide their badges, they can even subscribe for free, but they don't. They just sit there, typing away.

If you have a prime badge, if you're not subbed, if you like GTA RP, and especially, if you have a heart,


Subscribe to moonmoon on twitch.

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