MOONMOON deletes empowered female emote, moon2YE in a fit of misogynistic rage.

October 6, 2019-Games JournalismMoonmoonStreamer Drama

God gamer and variety streamer MOONMOON has yet again lashed out against SJW's by deleting the muscle-bound female icon, Zarya, from Overwatch's servers.

User Jesses_Septic_Tank doesn't feel so good. (Moments before disaster)

It's unknown why MOONMOON would go through the effort of removing all relevancy of a video game character that hasn't been relevant for years, instead of opting for a more problematic character such as the Joker from the Batman Arkham series, which represents internet trolls and hate speech.

User Je_ek is sad.

Either way, to mourn this characters passing, thousands of users across twitch are typing "moon2YE Never forget NaM" in chat to represent their hard fought feelings and tears over this character.

moon2YE, the empowered female herself.

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