PoopCoin Reaches All-Time Highs.

February 16, 2020-BlockchainPoop

Since the launch of decentralized cryptocurrency PoopCoin back in October 2019, there were many highs and lows for the new financial contender. In order to maintain order and well-mannered discussion, PoopCoin is now simply mined passively by talking in God gamer MOONMOONs Twitch chat. It can no longer be mined using commands. Due to the increase in PoopCoin mining and demand, the number of PoopCoins that exist has increased to 1 trillion PoopCoins.

As of writing this article, there were 8,846 PoopCoin purchases, 12,302 PoopCoins sold, 45,050 PoopCoins mined, with a total of 10,577 PoopCoin holders. The highly increased demand has also led to the huge gains seen in PoopCoin’s value. At the time of writing this article, the market value of 1 PoopCoin is equal to 197,253 Legendary Poops, an all-time high and over a 78400% increase from the ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) value of 25 Legendary Poops.

PoopCoin Value Since ICO (Credit: QC_bajs)

The market value of PoopCoin can be checked using !coinprice. PoopCoins can be purchased using Legendary Poops with !buycoin. PoopCoin can also be sold for Legendary Poops using !sellcoin. Showing the Top 10 PoopCoin Owners can be done using !coinboard. The command !poopboard shows the Top 10 Legendary Poop holders. PoopCoin statistics can be seen using !coinstats. To see how many PoopCoins remain to be mined or bought, the command !coinsleft can be used.

Written by Mish_al

Graphs, plots, and automated price collection provided by QC_bajs

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