[BREAKING] Streamer MOONMOON claims he doesn't support blackface

November 4, 2019-Games JournalismMoonmoonStreamer Drama

Games journalism is an incredibly dangerous line of work. Surrounded by gamers, our journalists must venture out into the wild west of online hate communities and bring back real information for real scientists to analyze.

Small mom and pop streamer defiantly publishing his stance on racist

That's right, many prime plebs are s​h​i​t​t​i​n​g themselves over world famous Overwatch 2 streamer MOONMOON's latest statement in this viral twitch clip, claiming that he doesn't support black face.

The prime plebs in question are currently in the hospital, suffering from a severe case of shock after their "clever comments" received a blunt, honest answer from the bald man.

"... We haven't seen cases of shock this bad since people started finding out that those grill marks on lunchables are fake!"
~ Medical Expert, 2019

Streamer defending himself from angry gamer mob

Unrelated clip

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