Narrowing in on the location:  MOONMOONs sexy gamer den.

Narrowing in on the location: MOONMOONs sexy gamer den.

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Ever since the mysterious streamer MOONMOON moved out of North Carolina, interested degenerates everywhere have been hanging on to the streamers new location.

From half-hearted comments about the weather, to reading his IP address out loud on stream, we've been able to start to narrow in on his new location.

Candidate #1 - Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Japan

As we all know, MOONMOON loves anime, and after his comment about his IP address we did a quick location lookup on, which returned a location roughly in line with this guess.

Possible reasons japan:

  • they have lots of food there
  • some of the oldest people live in japan
  • it rains in japan which lines up with comments
  • GEOip reverse DNS lookup returned positive

Candidate #3 - My moms house

My moms house

Moon has repeatedly made comments about "doing your mom" which makes me think that my mother started seeking out some extra companionship in recent years.

possible reasons for my mom:

  • moonmoon is rich, no need to work anymore
  • bald receeding hairline might be sexy
  • he's surrounded by gat moderators, no chance of cheating on her

Candidate #2 - Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, is the perfect storm of factors:

  1. It's in the western time zone, so he can pretend to stay up late
  2. It contains cherry blossoms, also known as "weeb trees"
  3. It's not California, California is dumb
  4. MOONMOON said he doesn't live here, which is EXACTLY what he would say if he did live here.

The final nail in the coffin for our deductive expertise is this tweet from MOONMOON revealing that he is nearby a dog.

We've yet to confirm this, but we heard from someone that dogs can survive inside of Washington, United States.

Now we know where moon lives, a word of caution for you gamers out there. It may be tempting to sign up every address in Washington state for a spam mail subscription to Ninjas "Live on mixer" notification,