Who is John Souls? And why does he keep trying to break into my house?

December 8, 2020-Games JournalismMoonmoon

On November 12th, 2020, Demon's Souls (remake) launched for the PS5 and was widely praised as a great game. Many players had a blast going through the classic game, finding good weapons, leveling up, learning magic, maybe a little too much magic... And eventually, the games multiplayer functionality was over-run with generic anime looking characters that relied too much on magic spells to make it through the game.

The problem with Magic

Magic can be incredibly spammy, and many bad players use it as a crutch to get through the game, never challenging themselves, never trying new methods of combat. The game truly turned into an unjust world.

Then, he rose from the chaos.

John Souls.

Not driven by pride, anger, modern politics, this lone hero decided to take it upon himself to punish those who sought a casual play-through. Driven by pure disgust, in a single week he singlehandedly slayed over 100 deviants without losing once, who sought to disgrace the ancient ways.

Taking up the mantel of Old Monk, he would gatekeep progression of the game behind a challenging battle, unleashing his full power level when necessary.

His methods were brutal, and iconic. Wielding a katana he would wait, posed, in a church for a surprised player to enter. As they entered the cathedral he would slowly rise, and walk in an intimidating fashion towards his opponent, before dishing out pure, unfiltered, pain. Offering no sympathy for those reddit minmaxers who spammed magic and played passively.

John Souls (Legend)

After defeating an enemy, he would stand over their body and point down at them, showing them their place. 😤 👇

Eventually, his job complete, he faded into legend.

Who is John Souls?

John Souls is the physical incarnation of technical combat skill. If you ever run into him you need to run.

Have you been hearing strange noises outside your window?

There have been no shortage of odd reports recently, of the silhouette of a fat man with blue/purple hair lurking in the corners of peoples vision.

After fading from reality, John Souls took up the mantle of a deity, seeking to punish people in real life who don't subscribe to the god gamer on twitch, or beat the Old Monk in demon souls.

Next time you hear a monster under your bed, It's him.

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