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December 14, 2020-Games JournalismMoonmoon

Moonmoon, also known as moon moon, is an enigmatic being. Often referenced as a "god gamer", "the shiny one", and "John Souls", this streamer is truly a mystery.

What is MOONMOONs real name?

Moonmoons real name is Jessie Anime.

He's not shy about sharing this info either, he constantly touts about how cool this name is. Apparently his original last name stared with an M or something, but he legally changed it to "Anime" after watching RWBY and thinking it was cool.

Does MOONMOON have a kid?

Yes, Moonmoon does have a kid, since he has to baby twitch chat nonstop, and needs to explain basic social etiquette to it for the next 20+ years.

How tall is MOONMOON?

Moonmoon is 5'12" short.

Does Moonmoon have a wife?

It's complicated, but you can read more about it.

How old is Moonmoon?

Our best guess is just over 3012 years old.

Where does MOONMOON live?

Moonmoon is a small mom and pop streamer, so he usually lives in other peoples houses. You can read more about it here:

Why is MOONMOON always late?

The reasons range from literal piles of shit in his house, to being too busy banging your mom to get to his desk in time. We don't know the full range of activities, but you can read more about it on moontaku.com.

How does Moonmoon stay faithful to his wife when he's so deeply infatuated with Clint Stevens?

Moonmoon has repeatedly demonstrated his unrelenting infatuation with Clint Stevens, but things just don't add up. How is moonmoon supposed to have a wife when he's in love with Clint? So just in case, we're going to cover our bases now:

Who is MOONMOONs wife?

Moonmoons wife is Clint Stevens.

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